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3 Types of Chest Pain

Chest pain is a diverse topic. Patients who present to the ER with chest pain could be having a life-threatening cardiac or respiratory condition. As a nurse, your job is to figure out: is the patient having a heart attack? An aortic aneurysm? A pulmonary embolism? Etc. or is the patient experiencing a non-life-threatening condition… Continue reading 3 Types of Chest Pain

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How do you give Amiodarone in V-Tach?

Besides being fun to say, Amiodarone is no joke. In the Emergency Setting, it is used for atrial and ventricular cardiac arrhythmia's, you know the kind you press code blue for and pee your pants a little. It also has some not so awesome side effects that you NEED to consider when giving this medication.… Continue reading How do you give Amiodarone in V-Tach?